Belquist Is On The Go!

I am super excited because in just a few weeks I will be on my way to Ecuador for Belquist’s fall buying trip!  I’ve been to Ecuador three times before and it is such a captivating country.  My past visits were to do volunteer work but at the end of each two week trip we would have the chance to do some shopping.  Ecuador is known for their amazing textiles & crafts so I was in heaven at the local markets!  The colors of the textiles are beyond amazing and the quality is top tier since everything is made by local artists.  I can’t wait to scoop up lots of goodies for Belquist :)


Brittany French - Ecuador Brittany French - Ecuador Brittany French - Ecuador Brittany French - Ecuador Make sure to follow on instagram and keep up with the blog for updates and to be the first to shop!

{image 1:  all others taken by Brittany French}

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Our Week in Maine

One of my husband’s (so weird typing that!) favorite places in the world in Goose Rocks Beach, Maine.  Its a cute little beach town in Kennebunkport and his family has spent time there every summer since he was a little one.  Last year was my first visit and I loved it so much that I was equally excited as him to return this summer.

We ate lots of lobster, took long walks on the beach, and just relaxed a whole lot which was awesome :)

Brittany French. Goose Rocks 1Beach Brittany French. Goose Rocks Beach 2
Brittany French. Goose Rocks Beach 4 Brittany French. Goose Rocks Beach 6 Brittany French. Goose Rocks Beach 7

It is a truly magical place and I look forward to making lots of memories up there in the summers to come :)

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I’m Back…& Married!

I’m officially back from my un-intentional month hiatus!  In case you didn’t realize, I was busy getting hitched to a pretty awesome guy ;)  We spent the last week of July in Maine and then we spent the week before our wedding putting together all of the final details before kicking off wedding festivities with our friends & families at our lake house the Thursday before the big day.  After the wedding we snuck away to Vermont for a few days just the two of us and now it is back to the real world!

I have so much to share next week and will get back to regular posts since there is lots happening in the next few months :)

Brittany & Eric French

Have a fabulous weekend!! (ps more wedding pictures to come soon too)

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Style for Maine

We are off to Maine on Saturday and I am so excited to spend the week relaxing on the beach and soaking in the sun (but not too much!)  It is crazy to think that our wedding is a little over two weeks away so it will be nice to have this little getaway before the big wedding week :)  I’m all about easy and simple style for beach vacations but I’m also going to pack one or two date night outfits so Eric and I can have our last date as an unmarried couple.   I’m also pretty sure that I need to pop into the new Warby Parker store on Newbury Street before I leave so I can pick up a new pair of shades.  I never leave the house without sunglasses and a Main vacation might be the perfect excuse for a new pair :)

Maine Style


I am so excited to hit the road Saturday morning and I will definitely check in next week and share photos of our trip :)



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A Room at the Inn (or B&B)

I’ve never thought about doing commercial interior design, but I think that it would be so fun to design a small inn or B&B one day.  I would design each room differently but have some sort of overarching style to make it cohesive.  I love designing bedrooms so it would be such a treat to work up several designs that would all get to live under the same roof :)  My first room would be just like this one with plenty of metallic but also lots of layers and natural elements.  I’m all about bold colors but for a bedrooms I like to stick to just one or two big colors and in this room it would be the pretty sky blue and black.


Double Room


I love when small Inns have lots of charm and character because I think it enhances your stay and makes you really feel like you are on a special vacation :)


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Favorite Finds: Flash Tattoos

While I don’t think I will ever get a real tattoo, I recently came across Flash Tattoos and I am pretty much obsessed.  These silver and gold temporary tattoos come in unique and classy jewelry designs, and they are such a fun way to accessorize!  I think I need to order some asap so I can wear a few in Maine next week :)



chloe_10w__74470.1405401817.1280.1280 chloe_17_w__89773.1405401834.1280.1280 Flash_tat_z9_w__26978.1405401784.1280.1280 josephine_8_w__90383.1405401788.1280.1280 josephine_20_w__36658.1405401848.1280.1280

How great would these be for a bachelorette weekend or to just to have and throw on before heading out for a fun night on the town!


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Wedding Wednesday – Skin & Hair Care

I can’t believe that our wedding is 24 days away!  It has seriously creeped up upon us and I am so excited but it al seems really surreal.  I want to look and feel my best on the big day and I have been experimenting with some new beauty products while also sticking with my tried and true.

Hair & Skin

I’m all about giving my skin a little extra TLC and this m-61 JetGlow Serum from Blue Mercury is supposed to help improve the skin’s clarity, tone and radiance.   No complaints there!

I’ve spent a lot of money of expensive BB creams before but I love this one one from Covergirl as well as their invisible concealer for under my eyes.

I love going to The Drybar but since I only go on special occasions, I love using their products at home.  This Gold Mine leave in conditioner is awesome because it nourishes your hair and has sparkles that add just a bit of shimmer to your locks!

I always cleanse my face in the morning and at night but usually one of those times is with these amazing Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.  They get off makeup and are really refreshing.  I always have them on hand and they are especially great for traveling.

My favorite Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen because it goes on smooth and smells like coconut!

I’ve been testing some sunless tanners since I want a little color on my big day but don’t want to look too orange from a spray tan.  This Banana Boat Sunless Tanner has actually worked really well and I am working on perfecting applications before August 9th :)

Gold Mine leave in conditioner (c/o) ::  Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes  ::  M-61 Jet Glow Serum (c/o)  ::  Covergirl Invisible Concealer  ::  Covergirl BB Cream  ::  Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen  ::  Banana Boat Sunless Tanner

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Beachy Living

I’m super excited because on the 26th we are heading up to Maine for a week long vacation.  My fiance’s family goes to Goose Rocks Beach every summer and last year was the first time I went and I loved it so much!  It is a little funny that we are going to Maine two weeks before our wedding but it will be nice to have a vacation before the big wedding week.  With the wonderful New England coastline on my mind, I couldn’t help but whip up a living room that would fit perfectly in my future beach house :)

beachy clam living


I’m all about soothing colors with a variety of natural textures for a beach house.  And while I am not a huge fan of the whole ‘shabby chic’ style, I might be fine with letting a little of it sneak in if we ever are lucky enough to have a New England beach house ;)


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I love how with fashion and design, trends always seem to be recycled every few decades.   My sisters and I totally rocked the rompers in the 80′s and early 90′s, so it is funny that they are trendy again.  This summer I am loving all the rompers that I have found and I will openly admit that I now own several.  They are fun, easy to wear, and I love how they are more unique than a regular sundress.  I have found most of mine at TJMaxx/Marshalls and they are always really well priced.  Each one of these below is less than $50 too, so get shopping!



Seriously though, if you don’t already have a romper in your closet, I highly suggest you get one asap!



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Calming Colors

I must say that while I love bold colors, the one I gravitate towards to the least is orange.  I like the color in fashion, but it can be pretty intense to use in design.  When we moved into our current apartment, the kitchen walls were this rusty orange and I could not paint them fast enough!  But I’m coming around to the color and when I saw this upholstered bed on One Kings Lane (they have bed sales all the time) I couldn’t help but think how fun it would be to design a room around it.

Orange Bedroom

I think that when you use lots of calming neutrals and one other color, then bold colors like orange can work really well :)

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